How To Grill The Best Dang Ribs Ever

We’re talking the best BBQ pork ribs you’ll ever eat! Classic Southern barbecue ribs here, the barbecue ribs that win barbecue championships, enhanced by some of the best dang bbq sauce you’ll ever slather on a side of ribs. Elegant hardwood smoke, tangy sweet sauce, all underpinned and held together by the distinct flavor of pork. They are juicy and tender and they tug cleanly off the bone but don't fall off the bone.

You don’t have to be a professional pitmaster to create award-winning ribs. You just need several bottles of Tennessee Moonshine Gourmet BBQ Sauces.

So, let’s get to it.

Take your time getting your grill temperature right. Cooking at 225°F will allow the meat to roast low and slow. It's a magic temp that creates silky texture, adds moisture, and keeps the meat tender. If you can't hit 225°F, get as close as you can. Don't go under 200°F and try not to go over 250°F.

Allow 5 to 7 hours for St. Louis cut ribs or spare ribs and 3 to 5 hours for baby back ribs. Thicker, meatier slabs take longer. The exact time will depend on how thick the slabs are and how steady you have kept the temp. Pick up the slab with tongs and bounce it gently. If the surface cracks, it is ready.

When the meat is done, paint both sides with your favorite Tennessee Moonshine Barbecue Sauce and cook for another 15 minutes or so. Here’s a trick I learned from a pro pitmaster: Sizzle on the sauce. Put the ribs with sauce directly over the hottest part of a grill in order to caramelize and crisp the sauce. The sauce will actually sizzle and bubble. Stand by your grill and watch because sweet sauce can go from caramelized to carbonized in less than a minute! One coat of a thick sauce should be enough, but if you need two, go ahead. If you think you'll want more sauce, put some in a bowl on the table.


Ann Dickerson


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