Chocolate Chip Moonshine Cake

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We started as a small artisan bakery and the Chocolate Chip Moonshine Cake was our very first creation. We remain true to the original recipe to this day. It’s a moist, delicious cake with just a hint of white lightnin’, perfect to pair with an ice cold glass of milk or steaming cup of coffee.

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2 Reviews

Dave stiller Jun 25th 2020

Chip cake

Wonderful flavor. Absolute heaven on earth. Takes me back to being a kid in rural southwestern Pennsylvania and taste of home.

Shae May 19th 2020

Chocolate Chip is one of my favorites!

These cakes are moist, flavorful, and boozy! Don't eat too many slices at once or you'll be stumbling around the kitchen - these really do pack a punch. The ingredients are pure, nothing artificial here, and the cakes taste like they came right out of your grandma's kitchen. If your grandma soaked her cakes in moonshine. Lucky you. The chocolate chip cake is delicious and loaded with chocolate chips, as it should be! I love how the glaze makes little sugar crystals throughout the cake. Oh man, it's amazing. Try eating just one slice. This cake is dangerously good!

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