annhs-1-of-7-427x640-.jpgWe’d love to tell you a story about our shotgun-toting granny and her moonshine still, hidden deep in the Smoky Mountains. We’d also love to tell you that family legend says she sold her homemade hooch to Al Capone, who then shipped it to his Chicago speakeasies.

Alas, Granny wasn’t a moonshiner (that we know of, anyway), though there are stories about Al Capone running moonshine out of the East Tennessee hills to the Windy City during Prohibition.

My husband and I lost our jobs during the recession and after two years of bouncing around dead-end jobs, we knew we had to get creative; we had no entrepreneurial experience, but we launched Tennessee Moonshine Cakes. We spent eight months developing recipes for moonshine cakes and after we introduced them the response was so overwhelming we expanded our product line to include moonshine jams, honeys, hot sauce and barbecue sauces. From the beginning we have used all-natural ingredients; no high fructose corn syrup, no additives, and no preservatives. 

The genuine Tennessee moonshine we use in all our products makes us unique among gourmet food makers. We love the heritage and tradition of moonshine, and we love listening to stories from our customers about their moonshiner relatives, particularly Grandpa (sometimes Grandma!) the bootlegger. If all our customers are to be believed, every other family in the South had either a moonshiner or a sheriff chasing them among their relatives! 

When we first opened our doors we vowed we were going to be a company with old-fashioned values. We would answer customer phone calls ourselves; no robotic voices. We would put our customers first, always. We have followed through and testimonials from our customers attest to our dedication. We’re proud that we’re as much noted for our customer service as we are for delicious moonshine creations! 

Tennessee Moonshine Gourmet Products was established with a back-to-basics approach. Our aim is to create distinctive and unique products, look after every aspect of production, and retail products directly to customers.

We remain a family-run business. We like to get our hands dirty. It’s a measure of our passion for our products and our customers.

Warmest regards,

Ann Dickerson