For the first time in a long time my daughters told me they loved my cooking when I used this hot sauce!

 - Natalie Sanchez, Matthews, NC


The strawberry jam tastes like heaven!

 –   Danielle Smith, Minneapolis, MN


OMG, that is the best honey I've ever tasted!

 –      Aimee Rooke, Moundsville, MN


I used the ginger peach jam on a pork loin and my husband was like, "Oh my God!"

 –     Jeri T, Waterford, MI


I never thought I'd like any strawberry jam better than my own mother's!

     Jennifer Moline, Saint Paul, MN


My brother & sister-in-law traveled from Maryland to Mississippi to see me on their vacation and they stopped in Chattanooga for the night. They brought me a gift from your store, Moonshine Cake with Chocolate Chips. You should know I have never tasted a cake as good as this in my life!!!! I don't even eat cake, however, this is absolutely wonderful, words can't even describe how great this cake is. Thank you and I thank my brother for giving me such a fantastic gift.

– Mary Marcussen, Madison, Mississippi


Here's a quote from a friend to whom I gave a chocolate chip moonshine cake this morning..."OMG, I just broke down and had some cake. I swear it's the best cake I have ever had anywhere."

—   Eric Vaughen, Chattanooga, Tennessee


Yum! Fun and fabulous cake!

–  Ruth DeCoster, Auburn, Maine


Just tried their chocolate chip moonshine cake! Yummy! You have to try them -- super nice people, too.

–  Christina Michelle Trammell, Dalton, Georgia


Great cake, I love it - thanks for making a delicious, American-made product.

–   Joe Doheny, Knoxville Tennessee


Pretty damn good - I'm not gonna lie to you.

–  Chad Thacker, Whitehouse, TN


Y’all have the very best cakes and great customer service!

Krista Lamon, Castroville, TX 


The moonshine hits your tongue and starts dancing!

 –     Steve Peterson, Birmingham, AL


The cakes are OUTSTANDING!!!!

     Dayna Morgan, Monument, CO 


We wait all year for these cakes - we wish you lived here!

 –     Melissa Miller, Summerville, SC


We just moved from Pennsylvania to Georgia, and we were shopping in the Whole Foods Store in Alpharetta. We stumbled upon your moonshine cake and decided to give it a try. My God, it was a taste of heaven. Love the lemon. We have not tried any other favor, but planning on it. Keep up the great work, you have an awesome product!

 –     James Jeffries, Cumming, GA 


The moonshine cake proved to be a hit for friends when I brought it home halfway around the world from Tennessee. It held well for the trip but more than that, became an unusual delicious treat for folks who tried it. Really happy that I got a box at the market!

     Lex Reyes, Manila, Philippines


For Christmas this year, we received a gift box of unbelievable MOONSHINE CAKE! For us Yankees up here in Boston, this was an unusual and unexpected gift, but we fell immediately in love. It was really a wonderfully pleasant surprise for us and our guests.

 –     Wendy Agudelo, North Andover, MA 


I love rum cake and this cake kicks its butt!

     John Stewart, Kennesaw, GA